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Terms & Condition

The following terms and conditions are set by Tobacco Leaf UK as a contractual agreement between the company and any client purchasing goods from it.>

The terms and conditions set out in this contractual agreement should be analysed in full, understood by the client and be fully agreed to be abided by, before any attempt is made to open a transaction.“Tobacco Leaf UK” is the trading name for Honey Bee Limited and represents all of its representatives, literature, materials, items and property owned by the company, supplying goods to the client.“The client” represents the person and/ or organisation entering into the contractual agreement by opening a transaction with Tobacco Leaf UK.“Goods” represents any material, item or literature agreed to be supplied by Tobacco Leaf UK to the client.“Third party” represents any person(s) or organisation who the client wishes to distribute to.

The client acknowledges that these terms and conditions may be changed at any time by Tobacco Leaf UK without prior notification and that all parts should be examined on each occasion the site is visited or prior to making contact with Tobacco Leaf UK representatives. No variation of this contractual agreement will be legally binding without prior agreement in writing by the company Director.

The client agrees that by entering into this contractual agreement, they will adhere by all parts of it and hold harmless Tobacco Leaf UK, should they breach any part of it prior to, during or after any transaction period.

Tobacco Leaf UK reserves the right to nullify any contractual agreement at any stage of a transaction without giving prior notice nor justification.The client agrees at the time of opening any transaction, that they and all of their organisation members, are of eighteen years of age or above.The client agrees to accurately disclose their age and all ages of any other member of their organisation at the request of Tobacco Leaf UK.

The client understands and agrees that Tobacco Leaf UK reserves the right to halt any transaction until verification of age is provided by the client. Tobacco Leaf UK reserves the right to void any contractual agreement at any stage and without prior notice, should any representative feel dissatisfied with the age of or identification documents provided by the client.The client agrees that it is their own responsibility to ensure that the destination of tobacco products is suitable and that they should provide a declaration of the intended destination upon request of Tobacco Leaf UK.The client understands and agrees that any product purchased from Tobacco Leaf UK is in no way intended for use by persons under the age of eighteen years of age.

The client agrees that their own customer base consists of persons or organisations where all persons involved are of eighteen years of age or above. The client further agrees that they have suitable policies and procedures in place to ensure that any individual or organisation, including each member of such an organisation, of their customer base are verified to be of eighteen years of age or above by form of documentation issued by a governing body.The client understands and agrees that the tobacco leaves sold by Tobacco Leaf UK are intended solely for redistribution in their raw and non-smokable state.

The client understands that the tobacco leaves are not liable for taxation in their raw form and that should the products be subjected to a process of manufacture of any kind by any third party, transferring the products into a smokeable state, the products become liable for taxation and Tobacco Duty Return will be due to Her Majesties Revenue and Customs. The client acknowledges that should they distribute tobacco leaves to a third party, who they know or suspect to be subjecting to a process of manufacture, that they will provide full instruction of the taxation liability and direct their client to the following tax return form http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/forms/tp7a.pdf Tobacco Leaf UK reserves the right to alter any part of the companies website, including all literature, images and costs of products, packaging and postage at any time without prior notification. Any errors within such literature, images or costs will be subject to correction with no liability to Tobacco Leaf UK. If we discover any such errors, the client will be informed at the first available opportunity and will be presented with the option of receiving altered information and/ or quotes, or the option of voiding their order. In the event Tobacco Leaf UK is unable to contact the client, the contractual agreement will be deemed as cancelled.

Any transferred funds at this point will be returned in full.The client agrees that all information provided at the time of entering into a contractual agreement is accurate and sufficient for Tobacco Leaf UK to fulfil the order. The client further agrees to give full notice of any error without delay and notice of changes to details prior to any future orders.The client confirms that they are legally entitled to commit into a contractual agreement and that no warranty, commitment or obligation from Tobacco Leaf UK should be assumed by the client without prior written consent.

The client agrees that they hold sole responsibility for ensuring their sales of the products are legal, that they are not required to operate under licence, or that they hold any applicable licence where necessary. The client further agrees that they will be solely responsible for any health warnings that may be applicable by law.All goods are non-returnable unless authorisation is given in writing by the Director of Tobacco Leaf UK. Any returned goods will be required to be in pristine condition and remain sealed in the original packaging as dispatched by Tobacco Leaf UK.


At “Tobacco Leaf UK” we import unprocessed tobacco leaf, which is not subject to duty by HMRC. We only supply wholesalers and distributors with our unprocessed tobacco leaf. By purchasing unprocessed tobacco leaf from “tobaccoleafuk” you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions found on our website and all terms and conditions set by HMRC surrounding tobacco. If you are selling onto a tobacco leaf manufacturer you must ensure that they have a valid manufacturer’s license.

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